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Knowledge of foreign trade

times   2015-08-20

          Today, the professional plastic measuring spoons manufacturer of Hoersun to continue to talk about some of the foreign trade knowledge. Today is to explain the customs clearance process.

          The first is to declare. Export goods after the ready export goods, which go through a charter booking procedures, preparation to the customs clearance, or commission a professional (agent) to handle customs declaration formalities.

          Then the inspection. Customs inspection refers to accept the declaration of customs units and reporting units have been reviewed based on the export of goods through the actual verification, in order to determine whether the content of their declarations permit actual import and export goods declaration and a consistent regulatory approach.

big plastic measuring spoon set of 4



          Followed by taxation. Need to tax costs of goods, to accept the declaration of a day from the tax, and to pay nuclear tax gone through customs formalities within two hours.

          The final step is released. After truthfully declare to the Customs at the consignor or his agent, and payable in full payment of taxes and related fees, customs export shipping order superstructure "customs clearance chapter" export goods to the sender with shipment FOB country.

          Hoersun,a professional plastic measuring spoons manufacturer.