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A friendly plastic measuring spoons customer

times   2015-08-17

          I received the inquiry of the plastic measuring spoons customer,May 6, 2015. From the email,i know that he need the plastic measuring spoons,and he will sell them on Amazon.i offered the best price.The customer tole me he need to get a sample first. We are able to offer free samples, But customer need to pay the freight fee. So it reported the freight to the guests, the guests very straightforward, the same day he paid the freight fee. So we arranged the samples.


plastic cooking measuring spoon set of 5


          The customer received the plastic measuring spoons sample,May 18,2015. The customer told me that he liked the samples. But he is very busy recently, so he will arrange the order in near future. Now it is August, and he is confirming the packaging and other details I believe that guests will soon place the order soon.We will keep you updated with the orders.

          Hoersun,a professional plastic measuring spoons manufacturer.