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A Grievous but Cheerful Plastic Spoon Customer

times   2015-08-13

          Today for everyone to share a Lebanese customers, accidentally received him in want to send me a message in the evening of June 11, he said to 30ml plastic measuring spoons, then told me the e-mail address, let me send email to him.30ml plastic measuring spoon just as well as we stock, I took pictures of the specifications to the customer, the customer let me PI to him, I thought that the customer really generous ah this is the rhythm you want to make money in.


30 ml measuring spoon


          The results to the customer the next day again, and I said he wanted a long-handled measuring spoon, and this we do not, but you can open the mold.I would advise clients to use our existing, because customers want the small number of mold cost will be higher, the customer agreed. The next long time customers did not mention the payment, he said abroad on holidays, said today in Saudi Arabia, said in Dubai tomorrow, day after tomorrow, said in Lebanon, OMG it across the bar Intuit big, across the entire Earth. I have no hope for him, and the results he emailed me last week, I saw a payment orders, at the end also paid a Dear, Are you Happy? He paid the fee,next day the company received his payment.

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