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How to make good use of RFQ

times   2015-08-26

          RFQ turnover rate is one tenth, compared to the Alibaba transaction conversion rates inquiry, it is still much higher.So, how to make full use of RFQ?Today, the professional plastic ice cream spoons wholesale Hoersun for everyone to talk about their own experience.

          1.We must fully respond to customer problems in RFQ, eliminating doubt ask.

          2.Write the title of the time to cover the needs of customers products, while some can reflect the advantages of your vocabulary, such as "10 production experience years" "supplier Wal-Mart", to achieve the effect of the eye.

          3.message for guest column, try to avoid a long and minute statement. But don't be too simple. Message column can be written on your convenient contact information, such as Skype, email, phone mobile, etc.


Plastic ice cream spoons- Ice cream scoop


          4.After the quote, Alibaba to your customer information. At this time, do not forget to send a mail to the customer's direct mail or phone, you can deepen the impression of the customer.

          5.After receiving the reply to the customer, quick reply, try to meet the requirements of customers. For example, can be free of charge to sample. Customers do it to see if you understand his needs.

          6.If the customer is looking for the product (such as plastic measuring spoons), you just have the production, as "the truth", the quotation by the way a few details. Exceed customer expectations!

          Hoersun,a professional plastic ice cream spoons wholesale.Follow-up will share more practical experience.