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Plastic measuring spoon Customer

times   2015-08-31

          Soon, she place the order.

          It is from talking about the RFQ. reply his RFQ, and then send the e-mail and a telephone call. He was a Japanese, I would only speak English, he only spoke Japanese: i could not speak Japanese,and I said:Email, oh my heart hurt.


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          Then he let his assistant and then contact me, which is simple. Assistant speaks English, what a lot of convenience. They also set up a discussion group in skype, chat a few people inside. Mainly talking about me and assistant, we talked about a week,then determine the details of the plastic measuring spoons color, quantity, size, packaging, etc., she would determine the order.

          As long as in the weeks, she will take the initiative to send a message to me, every day is true. Not business we talk, but also life and work and so on. We know cultural each other.

          A video, but I am here no camera, so I can see her. She waved hello to me, very lively, very outgoing, very talkative. Then we hope to have more opportunities to learn together and exchange. Come on!