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Plastic measuring spoons manufacturer introduce some knowledge of foreign trade

times   2015-08-19

          Professional plastic measuring spoons manufacturer Hoersun today to introduce a small number of foreign knowledge, customs data required for what.

          1.commercial and transport documents. Shipping documents, customs power of attorney, commercial invoices, packing lists, export verification, customs deems necessary for an examination of the purchase contract and other relevant documents or information.

          2.Verify, approved quarantine certificate issued by national authorities. Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Customs Clearance of goods.


plastic cooking measuring spoon set of 5


          3.Approval documents for free trade, tax or exemption. Certificate of tax exemption certificate, certificate of tax exemption and tax exemption certificate.

          4.National import and export license issued by the relevant administrative departments. Export license, the export of endangered species permit certificates, export pesticide registration certificate, bank transporting foreign currency cash exit permits, Temporary Textile Export License, cultural export certificate, psychotropic substances and export permits for non-military gun medicine export document, export of narcotic drugs permit, audio-visual products distribution license or extract a single transect.

          If you want to learn more about foreign trade knowledge, you can come to our website, we are professional plastic measuring spoons manufacturer.