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Polite American guest

times   2015-08-25

          Soon received a US inquiry is about plastic ice cream spoons, I reported the price, customer satisfaction after I send samples quickly, a few days after he received praise me plastic ice cream spoons sample and send samples quickly and say thank you to me. And then began the next one, said first to 5000.

          I said yes, and then asked to prepare produce production manager. They wanted to pay a full amount, he said, but later said his boss could not agree, saying that the first pre-paid 30% T / T, see the bill of lading to pay the balance due. Machine opened, the product a few days to do the work.


Plastic ice cream spoons- Ice cream scoop


          Customers in the mail to say thank you to me and said he will make a few days recently his freight forwarding contact me, and I also said that he recently had a lot of other projects to talk, trying to finalize this single!

          Between contact him things about freight forwarding, feeling that he really good manners. This alone is what I currently do a single position to do well, thank customers for believing in me.

          Hoersun,a professional plastic ice cream spoons wholesale.